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The mission to promote and create self sustainable living began in 2007, in a test plot of 1 acre in Johor Bahru. Mr Bala TAM began his research on irrigation-based crop plantations, Catfish and tilapia fish breeding, the production of vermicast with African Nightcrawlers. After further venturing into the studies of Mushroom cultivation, he began growing King Oyster, Shitake and Lingzhe mushrooms for sales in Carrefour and Cold Storage, Singapore.
The primary focus of this project was to have zero waste from any process within the farm and it was successful. The company grew and began moving work to Batam, Indonesia, in 2014. There, we began the Swarnadvipa movement, focused on educating villagers in water filtration system and then to grow high yield nutritional crops rather than basic vegetables. The company grew with the production and distribution of Virgin Coconut Oil in Singapore, which grew rapidly.

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In the course of 3 years, the group grew into the current Moringa Village Pte Ltd, now operating with 7 Cottage Industry based villages and 5 training centres independently producing A-Grade coconut oil for Singapore consumers. Aside from Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO), the company now focuses on the benefits of Moringa. The demand for Moringa products brought about the Moringa leaves, tablets and powder.

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The health benefits of moringa leaf are aplenty and shouldn’t be undermined.

Bala TAM - CEO,

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