Chicken Eggs, out of stock

Updated: Nov 18

Dear Friends,

Building a Farming Community - Supply of Vegetable Basket.

It has come to almost the end of the year 2022. I have moved to Malaysia to create, grow and supply vegetables for JB and Singapore. Ensuring sustainable farming practices are followed and high-quality crops at affordable prices. Helping and assisting low-Income groups and families in JB to manage their own businesses in the food industries. The KEY to staying alive is FOOD.

I have spent 17 years in farming telling everyone, I met along the way, about the importance of Growing Your Own Food. You will never know "When a FOOD shortage happens, Money can never replace Food".

15 Nov 2022, Today's, reality, we cannot buy Chicken EGGS, out of stock in JB. I will never be surprised if we have to ration the eggs to each family soon. Because the low-income will never get to effort to buy eggs soon.

The price of Eggs used to be RM 0.30 / SGD 0.10 one year ago. Today RM 0.80 / SGD 0.28. Even then NO STOCK to buy. Got Money, But no EGGS to buy.

My simple point is to start more low-cost, low-tech farming, not high-tech farming alone. To let ordinary citizens and people survive the basic needs of affordable food. All High-tech farming food is expensive due to initial investment.

I’m seeking and need all your support to raise funds to Build a Farming Community in JB, Malaysia.

Crowd-Funding or Pledge or CSR / Social Impact Investment. Starting a Pledge for vegetable supply starting Dec 2022. Pledge the link at or click here.

For more detailed discussion contact me

What’s App 601159100470

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